What to expect on your 1st visit

You will be asked to complete a confidential medical history form, This gives your therapist an indication of where any special needs should be taken or where massage is not indicated.

Confidentiality is of utmost concern. Names and addresses will be kept private. Anything said in the treatment room will remain there.

You will be shown to the treatment room where you can disrobe in privacy. The most effective massage is done with direst contact to the skin. The client however must be comfortable. Some may choose to leave undergarment on. This is the boundary your therapist will respect. Draping towels and sheets will always be used to cover the body.

All linens are cleaned and sanitized before each use.

Please express your treatment goals: stress reduction, relief of pain or pampering. The treatment is always more effective when it is focused on your needs.

Your therapist will communicate with you throughout your massage to assure proper pressure and address your needs.

Therapeutic massage is non-sexual. The massage will be terminates if sexually inappropriate behavior is expressed by the client.

Prior to your massage it is suggested that the client shower. This assists in loosening your muscles. If this is not possible, the massage will still be effective.

Clients should refrain from eating a large meal as digestion causes a shift in blood circulation to the digestive organs.

Anyone under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs will not be treated. Anyone taking muscle relaxants or pain killers should refrain from doing so several hours prior to your treatment.

If you should have further questions or concerns please contact us via email or by phone.