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Additional Therapies

Massage for Stress Relief

Swedish Massage

This relaxing treatment is the most commonly known form of massage therapy. All massage modalities use SOME form of Swedish massage in their application.

Using five basic strokes, which use light to moderate pressure in long flowing rhythms, mimics our hearts circulatory pattern which will help to promote circulation and oxygenation of the muscles.

It has a profound relaxation response. It is an excellent stress buster and may help decrease swelling and speed healing. (30, 60 or 90 minute sessions)

Hot Stone Massage

A centuries old therapy that has gained increasing popularity in recent years. Some ancient Indian tribes native to desert climates used hot stones for years to heal many injuries. In recent years, highly polished river bottom or basalt stones are heated to a temperature of 125 degrees. They are then applied to certain energy points on the body.

In addition to this, your therapist uses the hot stones in his/her hands while applying massage techniques to the body. ALL muscles are individually heated and then treated. This intensifies the massage experience and enhances relaxation. It jump starts your immune system and improves circulation. It is the ultimate relaxation experience. (60 or 90 minute session)

On Site or Seated Chair Massage

Corporate On-Site Massage is a quick, easy and accessible way any company can provide massages to their customers or employees.

A qualified therapist would provide 10, 15, or 20 minute massage treatments to any areas of tension expressed by the client or perform a general head, neck, back, arm and hand massage right in your office using a special, portable massage chair.

It does not require the use of oils, it is performed fully clothed, and uses little space. Many companies use this form of massage as a promotional tool to encourage/reward excellent employee performance, increase foot traffic or as a special health benefit. Studies have shown that 15 minutes of seated massage can increase productivity, reduce sick time, increase morale, and encourage company loyalty.

On Site massage maybe used for ANY occasion where you want to add that special something without breaking your budget. (1 hour minimum required with groups of 4 or more)