Mary has been my massage therapist since the mid 1990's and continues to address my soft tissue needs through professional custom massages today. From very early on, I relied on her expert therapeutic skills in providing targeted massage sessions to my chiropractic patients. Over the years, I personally have experienced many benefits Ė from work-related repetitive injury relief to overall stress reduction. Her medical nurse background and total body awareness adds tremendously to the massage experience. I appreciate and highly recommend Mary's services.

Terry Dylewski DC, CIA, CISA, CCEP, PMP

Hi Mary - I just wanted to thank you for all the years (14) of deep tissue massage that you have done for me. I always know that you will find and work on any problems that I am having - whether it is with my shoulders or back, and I will be feeling better afterwards. Your deep massage is so good at getting at the tough spots. And you have always helped me determine what I was doing wrong ergonomically that was causing some of the problems. Your dedication in being there and helping with my muscular issues has been great. I remember being in so much pain the first time I came in - but after a few times a lot of the pain was gone - and I was able to figure out what I did wrong to cause the problem. Thanks again and looking forward to many more years of massage!

Dr. Rose Paradis

Mary Malchak, the owner of Vestal Massage Therapy, was recommended to me by another local massage therapist more than a decade ago. From the very first appointment, I knew that she was intuitive, knowledgeable, and professional. Mary also has created a very positive and soothing environment in which she provides her services.

Before retiring, my work required that I stand 90% of the time. I also am an avid tennis player. No matter what was going on with my body, Mary was able to ascertain the problem, locate the source and provide relief. I always leave there feeling relaxed, revived and pain free.

I am currently the director of the Levene Gouldin & Thompson Tennis Challenger held each summer here in Binghamton. We host professional tennis players from all over the world. Mary provides treatment to the players.

Mary is definitely my massage therapist of choice. I recommend her without reservation. A gift certificate from Vestal Massage Therapy is always the first item on my wish list for birthdays and holidays. If I ever were to move, though, I donít know if I could ever replicate the wonderful results from each visit nor my relationship with her.

Laurie Bowen, Tournament Director, Levene Gouldin & Thompson Tennis Challenger